Pete Vargas believes in the power of public speaking — and says it’s the most compelling marketing tool you have to get clients and partners behind your vision. According to Pete, speaking provides a starting point for customers and partners to want to become more involved with your business and to understand the impact you’re making.

Pete helps entrepreneurs, financial advisors and small business owners leverage the millions of stages available in every niche. He has become the expert in helping others learn how to identify which stages to go after, find those stages and win them.

At The World Series of Sales, Pete will share his Story Braid framework, designed to help you develop presentations that will allow you to connect, educate and convert your audience. In addition, he’ll help you uncover the myriad opportunities available in your local market to land speaking engagements that are free to you, do not require direct mail or buying dinner, and that allow you to hand pick your ideal prospects.